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"This group of songs is a very personal album regarding my own situation in life with my own personal relationships. The music also brings anti war songs about Iraq and Afghanistan, the twin towers and London 7/7. Upheaval and war in the middle east, terrorist devastation in our own countries, it brings a message of peace to the world."

"A message of hope for families and for brotherhood and unity. To end poverty and social injustice. These songs of love and loss are for parents and child victims of broken homes and the devastation that it leaves. With Three Chords And The Truth I will continue till my dying breath to bring songs that reflect many parents’ worries for their children in an unstable modern world."

"We will fight to bring about change and justice for fathers to get equal rights to be in their children’s lives. With the ever increasing epidemics of aids, cancer, mental illness and numerous other diseases, global recessions, crime, poverty in our own country let alone the terrible living conditions in other parts of the world we will fight against these pointless wars we’re making for our future children to fight."

"The only war that will be in our name is a battle for one day there to be justice for one and all to live in a free and more peaceful world."

"There will be a message that will create a movement that will send shock waves throughout the land. The children, 10 years old, 15 years old, all ages will come out, out of the working classes, middle classes and upper classes and shout from their roof tops. They would have had enough of the old ways of life, their parents and parents’ parents decided for them, there will be English children joining hands with Iraqi children, with Afghan children, American children, African children, Indian children, Chinese children, Russian children and they will join hands to unite one world. There was a message brought forward by generations of ancestors of these same children that was greatly misread. It was written by every religion that ever existed to create the world that we live in today. Our future children will build a world through one language, one universal religion, one movement a world of peace and love through music."

Matthew Coles speaking about his influences for the album in 2012

"Matthew Coles' rock-style tunes and brave lyrics break through all the divides in sociality and extend into the hearts of those listening. His unique classical rock genre is an intrinsic reflection of who he is an artist resounding his past in a story so alluring, yet tragically sad. Matthew Coles delivers a solid set of rock ballads that resound within the echoing realms of Stereophonic. His twangy vocals blend in a melodic alternative to Richard Ashcroft. Born to live for music Matthew Coles has taken his fans by storm."

Sabrina Hindley, Submerge Magazine, South Africa.

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